I am an around the way girl who has big and bold dreams, who came from humble beginnings out of Charleston, SC. 

Yes, I could list all of my accolades and the great things I have experienced and accomplished over my years. However, that would be too cliché right? Right…Just know, I have done some great and dope things and I aspire to do even greater things in my next phase of life. 

I have done the degrees, have a great government career, achieved the American dream, but there is a whole lot more that I desire to obtain and accomplish. Bravely, I decided to step out on faith and invest in myself.  For a long time I operated in fear.  Fear of rejection, fear of what others would think and even the fear of the unknown. Fear stopped me from pursuing my heart’s desire of working in my purpose.  That was the old me! 


 Today, I am Akilah Brown actively pursuing my purpose and going for everything I want out of this life.

I have always been passionate about helping and motivating others to achieve their career, business and/or personal goals. Through my passion and myriad of disappointments, setbacks, and failures, I became brave enough to invest in myself and turn my growing pains into an investment.

My desire is to share this positive space with the world and release nothing but positive energy, inspiration and motivation in to the universe. To offer you a place where you can be motivated and empowered to visualize, create and accomplish your goals!  

I have learned that the journey of self-discovery and purpose is not an easy road to travel. You must be prepared to weather the storms, valleys and the mountains.  The journey becomes easier, when you have someone to travel with you.  I am here to travel along with you on this journey.   Offering guidance, advice and my unsolicited opinions, but I promise you, it will always come from the heart and meant to help and not harm.  If you are brave enough to invest in yourself and transform your mindset and lifestyle, stop by often, I do not want you to miss all the exciting and positive things!