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Investing in Yourself!

Investing in Yourself!

First, I would like to THANK YOU all for visiting akilahbrown.com!  I am very proud to share this space with all who are on the journey of self-purpose and career discovery.

I promise to be honest, raw and opinionated about all things motivating, inspiring and empowering.  

I think we all need it now, more so than ever.  However, let me be clear, I will not have all the answers to your problems, or even mine for that matter.  What I do know, is that I am here to offer positive vibes, encouragement and realistic suggestions as we work collectively in achieving our goals. 

Which brings me to why you need to INVEST IN YOURSELF.  I knew for a long time I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I do not want to spend my WHOLE entire life waiting for someone else to sign my checks. 

Just the thought of depending on someone else 100% financially, makes me cringe. 

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit inside of me.  I started styling hair in middle school free of charge and I really loved it.  When it was time for me to transition to high school, I enrolled in a high school that offered vocational training in cosmetology. During my high school years, my clientele increased and I started charging to style hair.  That was my first dose of being an entrepreneur and I became addicted to earning my own money!  I loved the freedom it afforded me of earning my own money and not having to “clock in”.  By the age of 17, I successfully passed my state examination and became a licensed cosmetologist in the state of South Carolina.  I was so excited and wanted more.  I went on to undergraduate school and obtained my BA in Business Administration and later a Master’s in Business Administration.

In my young adult years, I never looked at it as I was investing in myself.  What I did know, is that I wanted to be great in life and knew I had to put in the work to achieve greatness.  As I grow older and continue to work on my life goals, I know I had to continue to invest in myself and I advise you to do the same!  I am not just referring to monetary investing, but investments that will help you grow as a whole.  There are various things you can do to invest in yourself, I can’t possibly list them all but a few are, launching that business you have always wanted, learning a new skill or craft, take that yoga or Zumba class you have been scoping out but could never find the time to go. The thought of investing in yourself can be scary and become overwhelming.  That is an expected feeling, but you have to get over it!  I am not saying jump in the sea with the sharks, but I am saying take baby steps. Completing small tasks, lead to accomplishing big goals!

No matter what age you are, it is never too late to invest in yourself. If you have not started, today is the day.  Make the first step to be selfish and think about what you want for the rest of your life while on Earth. 

Let go of fear and just go for it damn it! 

I did, just by creating and developing my own business starting with akilahbrown.com. I decided it was time for me to invest in myself 100% no matter what others would think of it. I am responsible for living my life and if I continued to give a shit about who thought what, I would not be here today.  Life is for the living and the taking, but it is up to you to go for what you want!  I leave you with a crucial bit of advice to help you to start self-investing, get you a planner/notebook and a pen, and start writing.

What is going to be your first self-investment?